Everyone at Givner Family Dental is proud to serve parents, kids, grandparents, neighbors, and friends of all ages!
We are your support team, dedicated to helping you maintain a healthy and beautiful smile! After all, our job doesn’t start when you visit our office and end when you leave – we make sure you and all members of your family are well equipped to maintain good oral health habits day after day on your way to a lifetime of smiles!
Dental Cleanings & Exams

Good dental and oral health begins at the dentist’s office, and is maintained by proper home care!

With cutting-edge technology and lots of experience, we’re able to provide you with a clear picture of you or your child’s oral health whenever you visit us for an annual checkup.

Regular dental exams allow us to catch any issues with your teeth or gums that may be developing, and to address them early on before they cause pain, discomfort, or more expensive treatments in the future. Regular cleanings allow us to give your teeth and gums a good scrub, especially those hard-to-reach areas and crevices that are often missed after brushing or flossing.

Plus, we always make sure you’re well equipped to take great care of your teeth at home! From brushing or flossing tips to toothpaste recommendations and much more, we want to make sure you have all the knowledge and skills you need to maintain a bright, healthy smile for us to examine at your next appointment!

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Night Guards

Did you know that your teeth should only come into contact with each other for a few minutes a day at maximum? That includes all of the time we spend chewing our food at mealtimes. Over time, wear and tear will build up – but nothing causes damage quite like teeth grinding.

Also known as Bruxism, adults and children alike may find themselves grinding their teeth unintentionally throughout the day, or uncontrollably while sleeping at night. This can cause irreversible damage to our teeth, such as smoothed out surfaces, and may cause more serious issues with your jaw.

Night guards are a fantastic solution to fighting Bruxism, and Givner Family Dental can help you get set up with the perfect one for your needs! These “tooth barriers” lighten the tension between your teeth and give your jaw muscles a break while you sleep, preventing jaw pain and enamel decay.

Paired with daily tips and exercises to prevent you from grinding and clenching your teeth while you’re awake, everyone at Givner Family Dental is here to help you fight off Bruxism in whatever way it’s bothering you!

Bright Smiles for the Whole Family!